About us

About us Anita Rubagotti 8 February 2024
GEA - The Green Factory

We are a leading Italian company in the Pest Management sector. Our biggest challenge is to help reduce reliance on insecticides and rat poisons while offering safe and functional products for our customers.

We care about the environment and work tirelessly to reduce the waste and energy footprint of our manufacturing by taking a sustainable approach.


30 years of experience


Dedicated research laboratories


Waste Minimisation


Pheromones and attractants

Leader in Pest Control
Our history

GEA was established as a professional pest control service provider in 1986 at the initiative of Giuseppe Braghieri. In just a few years the company made the big leap into production and engaged in international markets with a clear and innovative vision.

The late 1990s

In the late 1990s, GEA brought to the market its in-house glue traps inspired by the international flagship products dominating US and UK markets at that time.

The company soon became a leading manufacture, assigning its service division to the British brand Rentokil.

The early 2000s

The early 2000s saw the return of Adriano Braghieri to the company and the launch of the inPEST brand in 2016.

In 2018, the launch of inVerde products meant GEA could focus on the consumer market.

From 2022 to the present

In 2022, GEA acquired the ISAGRO® - Phero Line® brand, bringing to its laboratories all the expertise and knowledge of the historic pheromones brand for farming applications.

GEA now has around 60 employees and internal departments dedicated to research, regulatory aspects and marketing.

Our team of professionals
The GEA Team
Braghieri Giuseppe
Giuseppe Braghieri
Braghieri Adriano
Adriano Braghieri
General Manager
Lucia Perugini
Lucia Perugini
HR Manager
Giuliana Ferro
Giuliana Ferro
Administrator Manager
Andre Aru
Andrea Aru
Plant Manager
Nadia Zini
Nadia Zini
Regulatory Manager
Brivio Ivan
Ivan Brivio
Supply Manager
saita marco
Marco Saita
Operation Manager
costamagna matteo
Matteo Costamagna
Sales Director
antoniazzi valentina
Valentina Antoniazzi
Marketing Group Executive
Nadia Licata
Nadia Licata
Customer Care Senior
Kerstens noemi
Noemi Kerstens
Customer Care Executive
Sara Airaghi
Sara Airaghi
Customer Care Executive
Riccardo Ceron
Riccardo Ceron
Key Account inPest
Natalia Brondi
Key Account inPest
armiraglio davide
Davide Armiraglio
Technical Manager inPest
pirovano fabrizio
Fabrizio Pirovano
Product Manager inVerde
Stefano Favari
Key Account inVerde
Alessandro Alberio
Product Manager inFarm
Massimo Dal Pane
Technical Manager inFarm